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WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE BODY AGES. In your sixties you need to have an idea of the physical changes that are natural and come with maturity. These are not necessarily indications of a disease you may contract or a loss of ability you may experience in the future, knowledge can be reassuring.

Your sluggish metabolism, weight gain, lack of flexibility, lack of muscle strength, lack of cardiovascular and muscle endurance and osteoporosis. All mentioned can be turned around through exercise, accelerating your metabolism by increased cardiovascular endurance provides the needed fuel to keep the heart running. Improved muscle endurance, strength and flexibility enhances your muscle tissues being broken down, rested and rebuilt by your metabolism. When your metabolism is raised through exercise, more calories are burned, which result in better weight control.

Muscle mass and endurance decreases as you age. Beginning in the fourth decade of life, adults lose 3%-5% of muscle mass per decade, and the decline increases to 1%-2% per year after the age 50. Muscle keeps you strong, it burns calories and helps maintain your weight, and it contributes to balance and bone strength. Without it, you can lose our independence and mobility. Muscle can increase at any age in response to exercise. Adults between the ages 65-79 years who lift weights three times a week for three months increase their muscle mass and walking endurance by 38%. Exercise is beneficial as you age it's never too late to build muscle.

Flexibility, balance and bone decrease as you age. Improvements in function when individuals engage in exercise that involve stretching and significant improvement in the range of motion of various joints. Among individuals 65-84 falls account for 87% of all fractures and are the second leading cause of spinal cord and brain injury. Physical activity can improve balance and reduce the risk of falling. Yoga is great for balance control. Osteoporosis is a disease of low bone density, exercise increases bone density in some older individuals. Low impact aerobics, chair exercises, weight lifting or the impact of walking causes the muscle to contract which causes the bones to thicken and stimulates them to growth.

Programs for Seniors

Joyful Joints – Stability balls, bands and light weights will increase blood flow and muscle toning.

Seniorcise – Low impact aerobics

Chair Challenge – Same concept as Joyful Joints but movements are from a sitting position for anyone having standing balance issues.

Please advise the instructor of any limitations or health concerns. Always consult your physician before starting any physical activities.


Weight Training

Muscular strengthening and endurance.


Become more in touch with your self while stretching, breathing and strengthening your entire body.


Caribbean Moves

Move and groove your body to choreographed Caribbean Beats.

Senior Fitness

Exercise promotes health.  Physical activity can improve stamina, strength and mood.  Chair-exercise moves will stimulate the muscles, blood, lungs and heart


Aqua Aerobics

Working out in the pool is an excellent non-impact way to build strength, reduce body fat, and increase flexibility.


Work your overall body fitness by elongating muscles and providing balance between body and mind.


Nutritional Guidance

You are what you eat! Low cost healthy plans just for you. "Cook your way to a better life"

Swimming Lessons


Massage Therapy

Reduces stress, improves circulation, aids in the healing process, and promotes relaxation and overall well-being.

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